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The case against Big Tech




Will Amazon, Apple, Meta and Google survive the antitrust scrutiny? And will Microsoft face the antitrust scrutiny?

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Big tech is becoming too big. Amazon, apple, facebook, and google face real threats to their power. They are being sued by states and other countries. Their users are starting to be suspicious about how much data they share.

These companies are becoming more powerful and influential than ever before. Their business decisions affect our daily lives and society. Some people love these companies and use their services, while others hate them.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple are the most powerful companies in the world. They control almost everything online. They also control what people see when they search or browse the web. This is why they need to be checked.

These companies are accused of monopolizing markets by controlling information flow. They are accused of using monopoly power to stifle competition. Their dominance over the internet affects everyone’s life. We need to break them up because they control too much information.

The Antitrust Case Against Big Tech Shaped by Tech Industry Exiles

Regulators rely on insiders like Dina, who leave their jobs because they think Google and Facebook are going to win and everyone else is going to lose – but regulators won’t do anything about them.

Facebook and Google are winning over everyone else. But there’s nothing we can do about it.

Antitrust: A History of Monopolies and Cartels

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google have become so dominant that they’re creating a new kind of economy.

It’s not just an economy where you buy things from Amazon. It’s an economy where you work for Amazon. Where your friends are Amazonians. Your newsfeed is an Amazonian feed.

You don’t even know if you’re working at Amazon anymore. You might be working at Google instead.

This is called “platform capitalism.” In platform capitalism, you get paid to consume products made by companies like Amazon and Google.

But this isn’t really capitalism. It’s something different. Because you aren’t free to choose whether to work for Amazon or Google.

If you want to make money today, you better go work for one of those two companies.

But the problem with platform capitalism is that it’s very hard to compete. There’s no way to stop someone from making a product.


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