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Northern India Beyond the Golden Triangle: An Experiential Guide




Northern India Beyond the Golden Triangle Things to Do Places to Visit and Dishes to Eat

For those of you who love Maps as we do here is the visual of our 7-day Route through Northern India on our G Adventures Tour. Our itinerary for seven days in Northern India.

Catch a ride from Delhi airport with a women only taxi company

A female driver taxis passengers in India. She drives around Delhi during the morning rush hours. Her name is Reena.

Women with Wheels is a Planterra Foundation project which partners the Azad foundation and the Sakha organization. It provides training and employment to disadvantaged woman in Delhi. All G Adventurers arriving at Delhi airport have an Women on Wheels pickup included into their tour. This not just provides travelers a safe and comfy ride to their accommodation in the city, but it also means an steady source of income for these women.

Reena was a great driver who could handle any situation. She had nerves of steel and she was very calm.

Family India – The Golden Triangle Hill Stations Of The North

A 14 day/13 night tour combining a fun-filled trip and a historical introduction to India begins in Delhi. An exclusive village festival fills the evening with camel & elephant rides, henna art, sitar lessons, and turban & sari tieing.

A tour of India includes visits to the country’s first bear rescue sanctuary, a local family, the changing of the guards in Delhi, and a plethora of UNESCO sites. You’ll also enjoy luxurious Oberoi accommodations complete with lavish swimming pools and spa treatments.

Day Delhi Chandigarh Shimla

A mid-day flight arrives in Chandigarh, then onward to Shimla. Stay at the Oberoi Cecil hotel for three nights.

Day Shimla Kandaghat Shimla

Boarding the train is an exciting experience. You travel through the beautiful scenery of the Himalayas, and you relax in the hotel.

Guide price Per Person

Prices include accommodation in a double/twin room, breakfast, sight seeing, transfers, domestic flight, private guide and chauffeur-driven car.

Following Your Travel Money It’s a Journey

Travelers who purchase products or services locally are more likely to support local businesses and create jobs.

Travel companies should start measuring the benefits of tourism. This could lead to more tourists visiting places that provide them with local benefits.

Travelers should continue to ask questions about travel companies. It will benefit travelers and help the industry. Most importantly, it will be an act of respect towards the places visited.

Walk The Ridge in Shimla and feel transported to England…and another era

Shimla was chosen as the summer capital because it was cooler than Delhi. Today, it is a busy city with many buildings. There are several churches and other places of worship.

India or England? Time travel is fun in Shimla. There are cool mountain views and easy-going shopping. This is a great place to go if you want to relax and enjoy yourself.


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