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Alay Region, Kyrgyzstan: An Experiential Travel Guide




Get Amongst It and Trek the Tian Shan or PamirAlay Mountains

Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country with many beautiful places to see. There are also lots of activities to do there such as hiking, skiing, climbing, rafting, horseback riding, paragliding, etc. People come here to get away from their busy lives.

Get Lost in the Lanes of the Osh Bazaar

In this city, there are many different ethnic groups living together. There are Uzbeks, Kyrgyzs, Tatjikians, and others living here. This city is very diverse.

Admire Kyrgyz Men in Kalpaks

Kalpaks are hats worn by Kyrgyz people. They are black and white, shaped like a triangle, and they stabilize temperature all year round. They are also very unique.

A Kyrgyz Kalpak is an impromptu model. It is made by a group of older men who hang out in their kalpak. It is quintessential Kyrgyz style.

Receive Life Wisdom from a Friendly Shepherd

We’ve found that if you’re open to others, wisdom may come from unexpected places. This old man had traveled around the world and seen everything. He was a wise man who knew how to help us.

Young people should be free to roam around and explore as much as possible. They shouldn’t be restricted by their parents or teachers.

General Info

Capital: Bishkek, other main cities/towns: Osh, Karakhol and Jalalabad, currency: Kyrgyz som, language: Kyrgyz and russian, population: 5849296, area: 199951sqkm, electricity voltage: 220v at 50hz frequency, electricity sockets: type c and f, check out our incredible small group kyrgyzstan tours.

Budget for Travelling in Kyrgyzstan

Traveling in Kyrgyzstan isn’t cheap, but there are ways to get around without spending too much money. Accommodation is usually cheaper in smaller towns or villages. You’ll be better off staying in a yurt or guesthouse than a hotel.

Yurts stay vary depending on how many people are staying there, but it’s fair enough to budget between $10-$15 dollars per person including breakfasts and dinners. These prices may go up in depending of location and season. Food: Cheaper and cheerful. You won’t spend more than a few bucks for local classics like Manti, Shashlik and Lagman (Lagman is a traditional dish made out of lamb cooked in yogurt). However, outside of the central Asian staples, it’s more expensive.

Alcohol is cheap, but stick to beer. Spirits can be dangerous because they may contain fake alcohol. Don’t drink anything else than beer when hiking. Check online before booking a guide. Some tours are free, others charge. Inform the agent politely if you don’t need a guide. However, there are certain routes where guides are necessary. Ask your hostel about this.

Horse treks and 4WD tours cost around $40-$70 per person per day. Yurts cost around $50-$60 per night. Prices vary depending on how many people you’re travelling with.

Accommodation in Kyrgyzstan

There are many types of accommodation in Kyrgystan. Most of them are family run B&B’s and guest houses. These are usually very affordable and provide an opportunity to get to know the owners. Luxury accommodation is limited to BKG or the north shore of Issykkul for the Russian tourists who come down in the summer months.


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