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Spicy Tuna and Tempura Shrimp Sushi Burrito Recipes




Spicy Tuna and Tempura Shrimp Sushi Burrito Recipes

Billy loves sushi so much he wants to eat it every day. He finds out about the sushi burrito craZE and decides to try it. He thinks it’s great and wants to share it with everyone else.

Sushi is made by cutting fish or vegetables into thin strips. It is served as an appetizer. It is usually accompanied by soy sauce, rice vinegar, and other condiments.

Sushi burritos are great because they’re easy to make and everyone loves them! Your recipe calls for a variety of ingredients, including avocado, carrots, cucumber, asparagus, bell pepper, red leaf lettuce, green onion, and cilantro. Par-boiled and chilled, these veggies are perfect for making sushi burritos. Your daughter might love this healthy meal if she grows up to be a picky eater.

I also made a simple, soy sauce using soy, honey, mirin and brown sugar. This sauce was used as an ingredient in my tempura shrimp sushi burritos. You can buy this sweetened soy sauce at your local grocery store if you don’t want to prepare it yourself.

Rice cookers definitely come in help in my household as my child loves to eat rice. He honestly could eat it every days no problem, so having rice cooker on hand is big. I made a double batch rice in the rice cooker, and once it finished I break it up using a fork, and then season it with rice wine vinegar, and a bit of salt, this is key if you want make authentic sushi, and it makes the rice tastes that much better. From ther, change the setting on the cooker to keep it warm, and you’re good to go.

Tempura batter is very simple to make. Just mix flour, salt, sugar and egg yolk together. Then dip the shrimp into the batter and fry them until golden brown. Make sure to shake off excess batter after frying each piece.

Rolling up the sushi burrito is fun! You should try it out yourself.

Dipping seaweed into water makes it sticky, so you can easily stick it onto the rest of the ingredients. Roll the ingredients inside the seaweed tightly, using a bamboo sushi mat to make sure nothing falls out.

You should serve this sushi roll as soon as possible after you make it. Make sure to use a variety of ingredients!


Tuna is an excellent source of protein. You should eat more tuna.

For vegetables, you need to use seaweed, rice, cucumber, carrot, asparagus, and lettuce. You also need to make sure your ingredients are ready before cooking begins.

This dish is very spicy! Red peppers are used to add flavor and color to dishes. Green onions add more flavor and sweetness. Cilantro adds a nice taste. Wasabi is added to give this dish some heat. Ginger gives it a bit of spice. Soy sauce adds saltiness.


Heat oil to 325 degrees. Shrimp Tempura: In a large mixing bowl combine the flour, cornstarch, salt, eggs, and water until well mixed. Coat each shrimp in the batter, then drop into hot oil and cook for about 3-4 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from the oil, drain on paper towels, and serve.

Spicy Tuna: In medium-sized bowl, whisk together the Mayo and Sriracha and then fold into the chopped tuna. Chilled before serving. Shrimp tempura rolls: Mold 4 sheets of Seaweed together using a bit water and then lay down two cups of cooked sushi rice spread all over the center of seaweed. Lay down ½ of the shrimp down center of the rice and then add in avocado, red Bell pepper, red Leaf Lettuce, Carrots, Green Onions, Cilantro and Sweetened Soy Sauce. Roll the sushi roll using a roller mat and cut in half. Serve with Wasabi, Soy Sauce and Pickled Ginger. Repeat again to make another roll.

Spicy tuna rolls are made by laying down 2 cups of sushi rice spread out on the bottom half of seaweed. Then you put the filling ingredients (spicy tuna, carrot, cucumber, asparagus, onion, and cilantro) in the middle. You serve these rolls with wasabi, soy, and pickled ginger on top.

This product includes a cutting board, a rice cooker, a sushi mat, a slicer, and a grater.


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